Author Biography


I live in the beautiful county of Kent, in the same house that has been my home for the past forty years. I write at the kitchen table, under my own namejenny.psd, with my dogs and the kettle close to hand.

Having written 4 novels, I finally feel I have earned the right to call myself a writer, although I am still just a storyteller at heart. When asked what  I write about, I struggle to explain. I hope I write about believable people, their relationships, their triumphs and their failures. So if it is adventures with dragons and castles, magic spells and bloody battles that floats your boat, my books are not for you. If, however, you like to become immersed in the lives of others, to see the world through their eyes, walk in their shoes for a few hours,  laugh with them and cry with them, then, hopefully, you will enjoy my work.

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