‘The Haunting of Harriet’ :

Might have missed this if it hadn’t been recommended to me. I enjoyed reading it and would like to read more by this author. – Penny

I bought this book as my friend had read it.I really enjoyed it, the writer brought every thing to life for me. A very good read. – Mrs S Payne


 ‘Sweet Dreams’ : –

Loved it, just as good as ‘The Haunting of Harriet’, looking forward to her next book. Good plot, keeps you guessing till the end. – Debs


Sweet Dreams is a compulsive and very enjoyable read – the story unfolds naturally and runs smoothly, always with a growing need to know and to understand more about the central character and what lies behind her actions and feelings. A great deal of sensitivity and an understanding of human frailty is revealed in this book as well as an astute, and sometimes mischievous, observation of humankind. – Fairlightfan


Excellent read, really enjoyed this book, author has an excellent way to keep you gripped to the story, well done. –  I l  was so engrossed in the book. It turned out the lady next to me            had also read the book and enjoyed it. Just purchased the                         Haunting of Harriet for my next flight!   KATE PHILLIPS


‘Pebbles on a Beach’

The characters in this book are a melange of vulnerability and likeability. Their respective journeys through life are so believable and the author has done a fine job in making the reader really care about what happens to them all. It is refreshing to engage with characters with whom we can identify and especially for any of us reading who did our growing up in the same era.



The more you read this book the more you want to read it. The author weaves her intriguing web … then you’re hooked and can’t put it down!
Lies tragedy deceit jealousy friendship romance family dramas – it’s all in there!
Beautifully written with some real heart felt moments.

‘Rose Remembered’

An amazing book, beautifully crafted. Rose will remain with the reader long after the book is finished.”