The Great Void

After publishing a book there is a great void. The launch has gone well, everyone seems to love the new work, all is set for a successful run… then it all grinds to a halt.  I hand out copies, use every opportunity to boost sales, take out expensive promotions on line and get a posting as book of the day. All to no avail.

Okay, my books are not great literature. They are not going to set the world alight. They do not reveal the mysteries of the universe.  But, they are good stories, written well, produced beautifully and better that much that is already out there. So what’s the problem? Are there too many books out there? NO. More people are reading than ever before. Books are more available than ever before. They can be acquired much cheaper than ever before in history – even with the decline of Public Libraries. Could it be a matter of luck? Maybe. If so I can only hope the good book fairy will take pity and smile on me. Until she does, I’ll just keep scribbling in the hope that someone gets some enjoyment from what I write.