The Haunting of Harriet

This book was published in August 2010. It has sold nearly 20,000 copies to date and continues to sell well.The Haunting of Harriet

The story spans the period from WWI to the present day. It is the story of a house and of Harriet, the enigmatic, lonely spinster who owns it. Harriet finds herself shaken out of her solitary existence when a dynamic young family move in with her. A strong believer in fate, Harriet is sure that history is about to repeat itself. In order to avoid the tragedy that has shadowed her life she must convince her new family to let her help them. Tarot, medium-ship fate and chance play their parts as this charming story weaves its themes of guilt, trust and forgiveness around the many characters in a modern day ghost story.

“On this October day she was experiencing something rare, a feeling she had not had for many years. It was hope. The sound of a leathered glove rapping on the door startled Harriet into spilling her morning tea. As she rose from the table she was filled with an excited and pleasant expectancy. Her slippers made no sound as she crossed the tiled floor before placing her ear close to the door to listen, snorting in disgust at the smell of the ugly cheap pine that had replaced mahogany and stained glass. Harriet pressed her ear to the offensive wood but she heard no voices; nothing that filled her with alarm. Surprised by the ease with which they moved, she slipped the bolts free and stepped back into the shadows, while outside a key turned slowly in the lock. A young, slim woman crossed the threshold followed by what at first she thought was a rat. The rat sniffed at her and she recognized it as one of those funny German sausage dogs. She patted it on the head and listened to her house. It approved of these visitors and so did she. She opened her arms and the young woman accepted the embrace with a natural familiarity and courtesy of manner that both house and mistress found endearing.

“Welcome to Beckmans,” Harriet said.

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